Originally titled The Nursery Man began production on the

26th February 2018. Since then the title has changed to


The film stars SARAH ELLIS who plays Marion Kelly,  a former

paranormal specialist for Dartmoor University

who sets out to help tormented mother

Florence Taylor, played by SARAH WYNNE KORDAS,

whose children disappeared one stormy night

months before. Florence explains the children

feared a scary entity in the house which they

called the Nursery Man. Florence believed he

was part of a scary story which they'd made up..

After the children vanished Florence's disbelief quickly 

faded as she realised he was more than just a scary story.


Production has been ongoing for months, filming taking

place as and when cast and crew are available outside

of work and life commitments. It has been a long journey

with quite a few different retakes and re-shoots to make

this film the best produced film by MR STITCH FILMS

to date.

The principal photography is now complete.

The Trailer is available which can be viewed below.

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